Libs try new groom

Libs try new groom

Maurizio Passeiro is a senior fellow in European Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

The New York Times says, “As part of its plan to diversify the economy, Italy is putting together a commission to look into how to revive the economy, a policy aimed at attracting new businesses and talent.”

The Italian government’s government plan, “On the Strategy of Competitiveness for the Italian Economy,” was adopted by the National Assembly earlier this week. The government plans to examine how a new strategy can boost job creation.

According to the report:

- “By 2050, Italy’s economy will rely on 1 million new jobs. It will create over 10 million of them;

- By 2030, 3 million new jobs will be in the sector of technology, engineering, health care and consumer goods;

- By 2050, 13 million jobs will be in manufacturing, 4.5 million of them will be in service-industry. And

- By 2050, 4.5 million jobs in the sector of higher education, including nursing, will be in sectors that account for 25 percent or more of total employment in Italy.슬롯 카지노

New Economy Commission’s job creation goals

Source: Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The report goes on to point o카지노쿠폰ut that the Commission wants to “target the creation of 100,000 new jobs per year by 2025 and that the creation of 20,000 new jobs per year over the same period would require an investment of 20% of GDP.”

The goal that the government is setting out as an initial goal is for 15 million new jobs in sectors of construction, business, service, and public administration, which is equivalent to 40.3% of overall employment by 2025.

The report noted that these numbers are an indicator that a “new approach is needed to bring Italy closer to achieving its ambitious job creation targets.” The report explains:

It has been suggested that Italy’s competitiveness and investment needs over the next 25 years will be boosted by efforts to create a new economy with growth in skills, capital, technology, health care and education. By 2050, the government wants to invest at least a half billion Euros/year in innovation. The Commission sees this new economic strategy as crucial in reaching that goal.

But the jobs report states that Italy is also “failing to develop a manufacturing base to replace those lost to foreign competitors.” One is think마닐라 카지노 후기ing about the U.S. where factories are being close

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